Cocktail Hour

I was discharged from The Dungeon yesterday, with a mighty bag of medications to last the next 2 weeks. Until I saw them all I didn’t realize how much I am on! It is nearly 8pm, which, to us mentally ill folk, is cocktail hour. So here is a brief lesson in psychopharmacology. Here is my cocktail.

Lithium 1000mg: wonder drug. Seriously. This drug has changed my life.

Desvenlafaxine: 200mg: antidepressant. Killer withdrawal symptoms if you miss even one dose.

Quetiapine 300mg: new wave antipsychotic which pretty much everyone seems to be on. 25mg used to knock me out…now 300mg won’t get me to sleep.

Movicol: to keep regular. This had to be the most requested drug in hospital.

Cephalexin: antibiotics for my 700th infection.

Pantopramozole 40mg: I actually have no idea what this is. I was told it would help “medications burning a hole in my gut”. Okay then.

Oxycodone 10mg: goodbye pain…hello euphoria!

Chlorpromazine 50mg: old school antipsychotic. The only thing that rid my hallucinations and got me to sleep.

Ordanstron: nausea relief. I have taken a lot of this over the past two months.

Tramedol: pathetic excuse of a painkiller. Doesn’t touch the pain.

And an (dis)honourable mention goes to……

Prednisolone: steroid and possibly the most evil drug I have ever taken. I hope I never receive a script for this again.


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