Purple Gloves

Incarcerated again.

My hospital in the home team came on Saturday, and were not happy with how my mental state was progressing. After much angst from my behalf, the decision was made for hospitalization. I refused to go back to The Dungeon, so they admitted me to the state psychiatric facility, which, ironically, is far more modern and clean than The Dungeon.

I was admitted as an involuntary patient and assigned to 1:1 obs. I fell asleep in the cell like room that those on 1:1 supervision have. Suddenly I woke up with a team of nurses entering the room wearing purple gloves.

“what the bloody hell now?” I thought. In my experience, nurses in purple gloves generally mean unpleasant physical examinations.

But no, they ransacked my room, took all my possessions, stripped my bed and gave me a canvas gown to wear. I can use my possessions only under supervision. Apparently the whole raid is to keep me safe, stop me strangling myself with a bed sheet, that kind of thing.

It’s ok, it’s temporary, and I will get through it.

But if there is one thing I have learned….never trust nurses wearing purple gloves.

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