Bipolar Mums

Bipolar Mums is a fantastic resource for mothers out there who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This site was founded by the lovely Mariska who wanted to create a supportive environment for women who have been diagnosed with, often, a highly stigmatised illness. Bipolar Mums offers stories and information relating to all aspects of motherhood…from pregnancy, to daily life, to raising awareness.

I am quite humbled to now be a part of Bipolar Mums, and my blog is listed under the “My Stories” page! I would highly recommend having a look at this wonderful site, and a read of all the incredible stories. Click here to head off to Bipolar Mums.

Thank you Mariska for including me in your community! 🙂

1 thought on “Bipolar Mums

  1. Mariska does a fantastic job with Bipolar Mums – thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. I noticed that Bipolar Mums/Twitter & the site itself have been growing a lot lately, which is awesome. I only wish I discovered Bipolar Mums years ago instead of just last year!

    That’s fantastic that your story is on the website, as you will definitely help other moms. :)))

    thanks again Lady R!

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