This week was one of those annoying weeks where everything seemed to go wrong. Broken plates, broken appliances, broken sleep, missed appointments, sick printers, forgotten forms, lost pieces of priceless jewelery. You name it, it happened.

I wouldn’t say it was a ‘bad’ week as such. Just an incredibly annoying one.

I had one of those familiar “fuck it all” moments the other day. Skidding around the kitchen, trying to mop up chocolate covered water from the dishwasher with a freshly laundered towel on a freshly mopped kitchen floor, listening to a screaming baby. Fuck. It. All.

But today is a new start. It’s been a cracker of a week, and a hell of a year, but I’m ready to leave that behind and start fresh. It’s my birthday next week, and for my present my mum has bought me a haircut. For the first time in a long time I’m going to chop it off. Not *really* short, but shorter than it is now. I like my long hair, but the truth is, I don’t have the time or energy to spend styling it each morning. It generally gets clipped back, tied back and otherwise neglected. I’m looking forward to something a little less high maintenance! I also splurged on some new dresses and jewellery. Something I very rarely do.  I’m generally a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but with summer coming up I figured it would be nice to have some pretty dresses.


I have also spring cleaned the house, weeded the garden, changed the layout of the living room and bought a new rug. I’ve planted my favorite herbs outside, and I’ve started buying my fruit and vegetables from local farmers at the markets. I’ve gotten myself into a household routine that works.

This all probably seems fairly insignificant. But you see, more than anything I need a CHANGE. I want to physically separate the ‘old’ me from the ‘new’ me. I’m happy, I’m in control, and I want that to be represented in the way I present myself, and in the environment I live in. I want a fresh start.

Now let’s just pray that the hairdresser doesn’t destroy my hair today 😉